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Avilion Order
A Medieval Roleplay Community in the Second Life® Virtual World.

We are the Avilion Order: Guardians, Keepers and Protectors of the mysteries of the Misted Isle.
Once this circle was sacred and reserved for those that had the gift. The circle is now open to those of all life, gifted with the Arts, gifted with the Sword, together, working on a common good.
Welcome Brothers and Sisters. May the Lord of the Land and the Lady Bountiful, or the One-God if this is your belief, guide you through your everyday Journeys.


The time period inside Avilion is the late 16th to the early 17th century (1500s - 1600s). These lands have been shrouded in Mist for many centuries, hidden away from the rest of the world. Generations of those living here have grown and survived in harmony without contact with the world beyond the Mist. While the outside world may have changed, the world inside Avilion has not, and remains within quasi-medieval times. The time period for the world outside of Avilion is the early 1700s.

Avilion Heart

Since the Mist faded, travelers from the outside world have entered Avilion, and those living in Avilion have ventured into the outside world and returned. They have brought stories of many things in the outside world and also pieces of technology. However, the magic within Avilion continues to be much more powerful than these pieces of technology and the practice of science.

You enter Avilion at this time, and at this place. Will you be a traveler from the outside world, or will you be someone who was born in Avilion? That is a choice you must make.

Welcome All

Avilion Characters

We welcome all to our land, human and creature alike. Please make an earnest effort to fit into the setting and time period with your character, persona, dress/attire, and story.

Avilion is predominantly an English-speaking estate, and most events and activities are conducted in English. However the community is very diverse. Many people visit this land from different countries and are fluent in different languages. Should you require assistance, we can likely find someone to assist you in your native language.

All who enter Avilion should agree with any rules or policies within the Charter.

Thank you and welcome to Avilion!