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A Medieval Roleplay Community in the Second Life® Virtual World.

Bards of Avilion

The Bards Performing

You feel a stirring within your being, it compels you, drives you. What is this force? This evocative thing that causes you to pour out your soul in song, in prose. You are a Bard, called to share your sacred gifts to create lyrical art and to entertain. A Bard of the Order.

How to Join

To join this group you must be a Guardian of the Avilion Order. You must be willing to take an active part in a Bard event for at least one hour a month, and be interviewed by Lord Siric Freenote and one or more other bards. Contact Siric if you'd like to join.

Bards of Avilion are a non-combat class of the Order of Avilion. Members of the Bards are also permitted to be in a combat class. Our purpose is to serve Avilion as minstrels and historians in song, and as authors of poetry, stories or books that tell of the wonders the land of Avilion holds.


by Moon Aerandir

Through the mists of timeless ancient myths
I came, a traveller, long without a home,
My only true friend then, a wise old raven.
My homeland gone, I had no choice but roam,
Like many here before me I found haven.
Life, which follows many turns and twists,
Brought me here by magic ways to dwell
In this wondrous land, Avilion.

Through the trees, beyond a welcoming fire,
Beyond a field, I saw a fair pavilion
One such as it was long since I had seen.
I glimpsed before me Awen's sacred shrine
Across a flower filled meadow soft and green.
I stood upon the arching marble bridge
A span across a rivers gentle flow.
Before me lay the beauty, of Avilion.

I looked out far across this lovely land
Where woodlands reach to distant mountains ridge.
I felt the beckon of a druid's hand.
I deeply know that I need never go
Or wander very far from here again
And I would stay forever in this place,
This wide terrain, this warm embrace
Of brave and true, Avilion.

On my horse I wandered then in Quest
To become a loyal Guardian of these lands
A quest so many took before me, due to love.
The quest in which we find ourselves at home
And come to know each corner and each turn
Where all its secret wonders hide in woods
And we discover friendships as we roam
Amongst the wonders, of Avilion.

From the drums and tales beside the fire
I journeyed through their secrets writ in books
I ventured in the dragons' dark hid pit
And climbed my way to lofty Magi towers.
The light of Valinor called me high above
In gentleness amongst the ancients trees.
By waterfalls and pools I dreamed for hours
In the peace that is, Avilion

I ventured to the halls of Knights and Squires,
Saw the Rangers practicing for hours,
Heard the sweetness of the mermaid choirs
As they sang out on the wave swept rocks,
Heard the poems and stories told by Bards
Saw the minstrels playing long and danced, entranced
Whilst the Fae folk laughed and sang amongst the flowers
Amid the glory of, Avilion

I saw a Drow be kind behind a mask
Remaining darkly secret in the task.
Though we have rules to be respected
I saw how well our peoples are protected
There is pleasure here in ev'ry magic day.
No loyally ardent wish is long neglected.
There is much of laughter, kindness, love and joy
Within the hearts of all who dwell and stay,
In fair Avilion.

Long may her glory shine, enshrined in Love
Long may the Lion, the Dove and Unicorn
Dwell beneath our ever flowering lofty trees.
Long may Avilion last to be our honoured home
That Drow and Dragon, Elf and Human kind
Can cease in wandering far beyond the Mists.
Remain with us through times of wars and peace
Where Arthur sleeps, in our long treasured, strong held halls.
Long live Avilion!