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Avilion Order
A Medieval Roleplay Community in the Second Life® Virtual World.

Avilion Charter

The in-world charter

Short Summary

Welcome to Avilion, a medieval fantasy roleplay region!

A full version of the Avilion Charter is found inworld, but its summarised below. If you have any question about Avilion policy, please contact one of the trustees or administrators.

Please follow our rules:

  1. Please wear reasonably modest medieval fantasy clothing. Free clothing is available at the gate.
  2. Please stay in character as you role play. If you choose not to role play, please do not disrupt others.
  3. Please don't fly.
  4. Plead don't grief, beg, solicite, poach, harass, or disrespect anyone.

Administrators and Trustees of Avilion

The Avilion Estates are a privately run community within Second Life®. This is a private estate which the owners (Serenity Sieyes and Malakh Giles) have opted to open to the public to visit and explore. Your ability to enter, visit, and explore the Avilion Estates is contingent upon your adhering to and following of the rules and guidelines outlined in the Avilion Charter. By entering the Avilion Estates you here-by acknowledge and agree to the Avilion Terms of Service.

A dedicated team of administrators facilitate the day to day running of Avilion. A list of current admins can be found in the gatehouse on Avilion Heart.

If an Avilion Admin (the title for administrators in Avilion) makes a request of you, please follow it without argument. Administrators will always identify themselves before making a request. Please understand that they have good reasons for requesting these things of you, even if those reasons may not be immediately obvious to you.

Guardians Of Avilion

The Guardian Statue

First of all the Guardian status is NOT a fancy title. It is a tag that people are given in recognition for being an active and supporting member of the Avilion Order Role Play Community.

While EVERYONE is welcome to attend our events, classes, themed role plays or even the daily casual role play at Avilion, and any Avilion member is eligible to enter tournaments and events for prizes or purses, a Guardian enjoys special recognition and sometimes special priority.

The Guardian of Avilion tag is not something to take lightly. Guardians are those people who make Avilion their home. They represent the Avilion Order, both inside and outside Avilion. Guardians represent the values and character of Avilion, particularly the values of Honor, Respect, Loyalty, and Fun. Only Guardians can achieve the highest ranks in the combat and non-combat classes. They are people who can be relied on when Avilion needs them.

The Guardian tag is granted to those people who spend SIGNIFICANT time in SL here in Avilion and who work on improving the Avilion role play and keeping the community alive. If you are wondering how you can be awarded the Guardian tag, there is a plain and simple answer: Just have fun and get involved. While the rules below help determine how Guardian tags are awarded, most members will find that they will meet all of these requirements rather easily in the course of normal play in Avilion.

How to become a Guardian of Avilion

  • You must have been a member of the Avilion Order for at least a month.
  • You must have completed the Guardian Quest.
  • You have to show your interest by attending events.
  • You have to show by your actions, conduct and participation that you are a worthy and committed representative of the Avilion Role Play Community.

Role Play in Avilion

Example Role-Play

Giles: Found a stick! :)
Suzie: Congratulations, Dear. Only a few thousand more of those to go before we can have an adequate fire.
Giles: *sighs* Picky, picky.
Giles drops the stick and picks up a short log, "Better?"
Suzie: Much! We only need a dozen or so more, if they are all that size!
Giles huffs and looks for more logs
Suzie giggles

General Role Play Rules

Role play in Avilion is considered "casual". We do not have strict rules about roleplay styles in Avilion. "Para role play" is allowed, but is not common in Avilion. Most role play here is conversational, without atmospheric detail.

We do not enforce out of character (OOC) brackets (such as (( text )) or OOC: text, etc.), nor do we require people to use OOC speaking devices in open chat. However, please keep OOC discussion to a minimum, or try to take such discussion to IMs. Similarly, the use of "texting" language (such as "r" for "are" and "u" for "you") is discouraged, though not prohibited.

Have common sense, use your head, and most importantly, remember this is for fun.

Language in Avilion

Most communication in Avilion, both role play and out of character, is conducted in English. Other languages are not forbidden, but English allows the maximum participation for our members. Your English does not have to be flawless. Many of our members are not native English speakers; even those who are native speakers come from widely separated geographic locations with very different forms of English. The only important thing is that communication and participation occurs with minimum extra effort for everyone.

Language devices that allow you to "speak" in another language (used in role play to mimic speaking in Drow, Elven, Dragon, etc.) should be kept to a minimum in Avilion. While we understand that they are role play devices, they are to not be used as your sole means of communication or interaction with others. In Avilion we all speak a common tongue, so try to make sure for the majority of your role play you do as well. Speaking only in a role play language is considered rude to those around you.

Dress Code

All entering the Avilion lands are required to meet the Avilion Dress Code. Avilion observes a relatively conservative dress code. Our intent is to create a classy medieval fantasy environment where everyone can have fun.

There are two categories of areas in Avilion: role play (in-character) and non-role play (out-of-character). Avilion Grove is an out-of-character area. All other public areas in Avilion (Avilion, Avilion Loch, and Avilion Nexus) are to be considered in-character role play areas.

Clothing is required at all times publicly upon Avilion (this includes both role play and out-of-character areas). Nudity is not permitted except in private residences. Private "bits" must be covered at all times. This rule applies to everyone, including those using furry avatars. Your "fur" is considered to be skin.

Dress Code for Out of Character Areas

You must wear some form of clothing. Any style is permitted, as long as private “bits” are covered. The only exception to this is the Avilion Grove Ballroom which requires formal attire and has its own rules.

Dress Code for Role Play Areas

The dress code is in place to help with role play immersion. Please make sure you meet the code before entering a role play area. We provide free clothing for men and women at the entrance to every role play sim. You can also find clothing to purchase at the Avilion Mist store or the Avilion markets.

  • All those upon the role play areas of Avilion must be in medieval fantasy attire appropriate for Avilion's setting and time period. Victorian era clothing is also permissible.
  • Your clothing must be appropriate for your character's role play sex, race and class.
  • You must look and play the part of the character you have chosen. For example, if you wish to be an Elf, you must have the characteristic long ears. If you are a Pixie or Faerie, you must have wings. Your race must be identifiable to people looking at you. Listing what you are in your profile, using hovertext, or simply saying what race you are is not sufficient. What you choose to wear and how you present yourself is a direct reflection of your role play character, so we urge you to use common sense.