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Combat Classes

There are different roles in combat, and not everyone likes to swing a big sword, or use magic. We have 5 combat classes people can choose to join. Each class has a unique 'personality' and a different range of weapons. All classes have a training programme, although most training sessions are open to everyone. Below is just a very short summary of the classes. More information can be found in the quartermaster's, in the gatehouse between Grove and Heart.

The Knights

The Knights

These are like the Knights of legends; Knights of the Round Table and such. They are chivalrous, tend to wear shiny armour and be more "official" than other classes. Their focus is melee - close fighting with the sword. Expect big swords, maces and crossbows.

The Rangers

A Ranger

Rangers are quicker then Knights, because they are more lightly dressed. They scout and explore and focus on the bow and archery. They do a lot of ranged combat: shooting from a distance and sniping. Rangers can also place traps to ensnare unsuspecting trespassers for a short time.

The Rogues

A Rogue

Rogues can scout too, and move VERY silently and without being seen. They are a jack-of-all trades, and have often done the harm before the enemy even knew they were there.

The Magi


They use magical staffs (with which they can whack people too, if needed!) to cast spells: some aimed directly at people, some affecting an area. Most spells injure you or trap you....or both!

The Druids


They use magic staffs too, as well as the quarter staff (and some of them use a whip!). Their strength lies in healing; they can heal their team members and themselves. They love nature and balance.

Dragon Fighting

Finally one combat group that is not an official class but is worth mentioning. There are some creatures who can choose to fight in their animal form. These are usually wolves and dragons and they use claws and/or fire breath.