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A Gypsy Dancing

The Gypsies of Avilion are a clan of Humans. They are known for their song and dance, fortune-telling and stories of their extensive travels. They also craft and sell many small, beautiful and sometimes magical items. Everything they own has been earned or traded for and their currency is called the Fenye.

If you feel that you would be interested in joining the Gypsies of Avilion, please contact Desi Olivieri, Veruca Tammas, or Melissa Drasilova-Akina.

History of the Avilion Gypsies

Travelers and wanderers are as old as time itself. Many of us were born into Gypsy clans from lands far afield, but, when one is born to the Gypsies, we are one family throughout the world. As we traveled there were those who accused us of being thieves, spreading lies, and harboring evil spirits, which is why many of us have come to rest in Avilion, a place of acceptance and understanding. On January 15, 2010, the Gypsies became an official group in the Avilion community.

Traveling by vardo centuries ago, the first of our clan arrived in Avilion. A small band of travelers who had found each other along the way: men and women determined to find a temporary shelter for the night, before the dawn of a new day could bring new adventures and mysteries. Here they found a haven, an audience for their entertainment, and fenyes for their services.

A Bag Of Fenye

The original clan elder was a wise woman who paved the way for the introduction of Gypsies to Avilion, but after a while the clan dispersed as happens with travelers. When they left, a small piece of our tradition lodged in the heart of a kind and intelligent lady of the Quende race, who sought out the lost little ones so that we could find each other again and become a new stronger family. Indebted to this wonderful lady, the Gypsies bestowed her with the name BeeBee (Auntie to the clan)

Our members are steeped in the tradition of the Gypsies, our love for natural things, music, joy, living for the moment because you never know what tomorrow will bring, and the fierce defense of our fellow members. Our traditions are handed down from generation to generation, our wise elders teaching those new little ones the ways of the Gypsies.

Gypsies are nomadic by nature and, from time to time, a lost little one finds their way to our clan and they become a welcome addition. There are also those of us who decide it is time for their restless feet to travel and leave Avilion to gather new tales and stories to relate. Because our clans are widely scattered, our family grows slowly. Some are wary of joining because of our secretive nature and the past persecution we have encountered. So if you meet one of the lost ones who may be reluctant to talk, point the way to the Avilion clan and let them know they will be welcomed.

What Makes us Special and What do we Cherish

First and foremost, we are entirely human. We live by our wits and our skills, and we are fiercely independent. We take nothing that has not been earned and take pride in the fact that we barter and trade for everything we own. We are also extremely protective of our fellow Gypsies, and if you insult or injure one of us you will be faced with the wrath of the entire clan.

We are well known for our storytelling, music and dance and insinuate ourselves in the lives of our fellow Avilions every day in the drum circle. We also speak in a language known only to us and those travelers familiar with our words, so we can hide our innermost thoughts from the Gadje (non-Gypsies). Our bonds are strong, and we keep and hold secrets closely.

We cherish our divination skills, which enable us to help others who seek a clearer path in life. Many come to us for advice on matters of the heart, health, or wealth. We can only tell them what the cards or palm reveal, but we try to allay their fears and advise them as best we can.

We are especially attuned to the creatures of the earth and forge strong relationships. Our strongest bond is especially with the horse since they are partners in our lives, but this extends to furry, feathered, and scaled creatures.

The Tinkers among our clan create and build beautiful items to sell or trade along the way. Items made of metal and stone such as amulets, talismans, and charms to ward off evil, misfortune and illness.

Do not fear us, do not shun us, we are part of your family. We are the Gypsies of Avilion.

If you feel that you would be interested in joining the Gypsies of Avilion, please contact through IM or notecard Desi Olivieri, Veruca Tammas, or Melissa Drasilova-Akina.