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Avilion is a very active community. There is far too much going on to put it all here! Our on-line group newspaper, the Chronicle, provides weekly news to all members. Have a look at our calendar for upcoming events.


Members of Avilion post their pictures on Flickr. Please have a look at what we have been up to!


Our Facebook group is a great way to keep updated on the Avilion Order. Also a good way to keep in touch if you cant get online to Second Life®.


We sadly lost a member of our family today.
Lady Menchor Barbosa, a Ranger and Londor Robbiani, a Druid and pixie. She was at the heart of Avilion.
Her loss is sudden and words cannot be found to say how much she will be missed by all. Avilion won't be the same again.

Menchor Barbosa Londor Ribbiani



Lady Menchor .. what she was to me.

Menchor was a big presence in Avilion whilst managing to stay relatively low key, she did so much yet asked for nothing back. she had records which dated her first time in Avilion. and new most things if you wanted to ask her.

Her imagination was fertile and her ideas endless, she would build amazing things for us to run around and kill ourselves in, and she tirelessly ran many classes without fail.

She was one of my mentors in the Rangers, and taught me hard how to be what i am today, When i first came to Avilion there was a build on the Nexus.. it was a Volcano, with 4 spawn points, and in the center of the volcano was an area you could capture. except when the lava flooded and spilled over the top..

One of my first lessons was how to run backwards and shoot.. this was done on the afore mentioned Volcano build. now, if you have tried it running backwards while aiming isnt easy at the best of times.. throw into that a steep incline, rocky sides falling over the top into the lava , i tried and tried through out that lesson to the point my fingers hurt and i was crying on my side of the keyboard. i was swearing at Menchor and that day i hated her.

Playing Hokey Pokey River Dance

But it was a lesson learnt , and now i can run happily backwards and shoot without issue (unless theres a volcano involved)

she also brought tears of joy to me, many many times, we danced many Ranger dances, ;Line dances, River dances and other silly things in the name of our class..

She will be sorely missed by all, but she will always remain in my memory as a friend, a teacher and a mentor here in Avilion


What Menchor meant for me in the short time I have known her..

Gosh, I miss her deeply...

In the short time that I have returned to Avilion, back for almost a year now, and now for good... there are numerous Avilion who I deeply adore, admire and love. The amount of friendship, companionship I have found here is amazing..

Menchor, you alone are the one responsible for my choice to become a ranger. Your stories, knowledge of the Avilion history, your patience , and above all, your friendship were so important.

Beautiful beautiful Menchor... rest in peace, wherever you are. You are forever in my memories

======== Throws the Ranger gang SIgn=====>>>>>>

Relay for Life

Relay for Life of Second Life

Relay For Life is the signature event of the American Cancer Society and has been active, and continually growing in Second Life® for 10 years. In 2005, the first Relay For Life of Second Life® (RFL of SL) was attended by a few hundred avatars and raised almost $5,000 US dollars for the American Cancer Society. As of July 2014 RFL of SL ranks number 17th out of 5000 teams world wide in donations received. We have brought in over 2 million US dollars to help with the fight against cancer. This year our Relay weekend will be held on July 17th and 18th. Won't you join us as we Relay in the largest party on the grid?

Relay for Life: The Future is Now

Until there is a cure We Relay!

The Quest for a Cure

Avilion have a relay team called The Quest for a Cure.

The Quest for a Cure logo

Avilion will be running many fund-raising events over the next few months. We also have a shop on Grove with all money going to the charity.

If you would like to get involved contact our team captains: Osiris LeShelle and Rain Rodex.

The Quest for a cure 2015 team


If you wander to the village in Avilion, around the Tavern, into the wilds of the Loch, or brave the battlegrounds of the Nexus, you may find the staff of the Avilion Chronicle: the weekly newspaper for our fellow members of the Order.

The Chronicle has been published weekly since 2009. That's over 300 editions!