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Races in Avilion

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The following are the main races in Avilion:

Race Contact Person
Elves Dawnbeam Dreamscape
Drow TempestT Druth
Humans Villede Carter
Fae Juniper Darrow
Merrow Theta Cooperstone
Dragons Aerowin Pfeffer
Creatures Suzie Sewell

Avilion allows any kind of race you can imagine as long as it fits into the general story line and is not a banned character (see in-world note-card for list). If you are an phoenix or hobbit for example: fine! Come on in and have some fun role playing along with us.

If you are unsure of what race fits you, don't worry! You can come, mingle and get a feel for the races before settling. However, once you have chosen you will be expected to stay in that character. Shape-shifting is strongly frowned upon in Avilion.


Elf Female

Aaye! Torni ar' Selli; (Hail Brothers and Sisters)
Oio naa ellealla alasse' (Ever is thy sight a joy)

In Avilion, elves are the Quendi from Tolkien's books.

The Quendi of Avilion are down to earth, peaceful, extremely long lived individuals who love laughter, art, music, and watching the antics of other races. They are the quiet in the woods, the magic of nature, the wind whispering through the trees. They do not giggle, that is left to the fae; a chuckle or laugh would be what an quende displays. They are by nature good and abhorred all works of evil.

Elf Male

Physically, Quendi are slightly taller overall than the average human; they are more slender and graceful, yet strong. They have ears that are leaf shaped. Males are fair of face with little to no facial hair. Quendi have a reputation for careful grooming, more so than perhaps any other race. This frequently extends to their clothing, which is luxurious and well-kept, though not to the point of impracticality. Elf Ear

Quendi are naturally immortal and do not age after their hundredth year. In addition to their immortality, they are immune to all diseases, and they can recover from wounds which would normally kill a mortal Man. However, Quendi can be slain, or die of grief and weariness. Quendi who die or are killed go to the Halls of Mandos in Valinor.

They act and speak proudly. Any display of rambunctious behavior would not be considered apt for a Quende, except in times of battle. They may speak in the Sindarin or Quenya, (high elven), and telepathy is common amongst Elves.


Drow Drow

The Drow of Avilion are a close family of brothers and sisters bonded in the ancient magics. Avilion Drow follow the Dogma of Eilistraee. We are proud, proper and stoic. We are of pure blood Drow lineage. While we may present with a much more peaceful demeanor than most Drow, that should never be mistaken for complacency. We are extremely cautious, dangerous and we guard our family zealously. We are the protectors of Avilion.


Humans in Avilion

To be a Human, or Muintir, is to be unique. Able to understand the aloof Drow, to admire the industrious Quendi. To see a Dragon as a friend, and marvel at the beauty of Merrow. To laugh at the antics of Fae and Pixie. Above all to be a part of all you see.

Maybe you wonder... why, in a fantasy world, where you can find Dragons, Fae and other amazing creatures, there are humans around?

Our ancestors were here with the Elves, the Dragons, and all the creatures of Avilion to fight shoulder to shoulder beside the Drow and against the Balrogs. Our ancestors helped to seal shut the portal to the UnderDark.


You will be very welcome to join our group whether you are related to one of those ancestors, or you arrived after the Mist made the Land open again... Maybe you are searching for a quiet place? Or for someone who told you an old story when you were a child? We are sure you will find a way to fit into the Muintir group!

Before taking a decision, take a look at the other races information. Be sure you don't want to be able to fly, or have lovely pointy ears ;) But you can be sure too, if you join us, you will be an important part of the History of Avilion.


Fae in meadow

The Fae Folk of Avilion are a close family of brothers and sisters, bonded in the ancient magic. We are Fae, we are Pixies. We each have our own tag, but we are one family. We are loving and our arms are open, but we are also cautious, and we guard our family zealously.


Fae are inarguably the most mystical, magical race in Avilion. Because of the chaotic nature of the raw magic that made them, there are many different sizes, shapes, colors and alignments of fae. They are as changeable as the wind. Even an individual's appearance can vary from day to day. They can be as small as a thimble or as big as a small human. Fae can live from one brief season to thousands of years. The reproduction system of fae is also as varied; some plant seeds, some enchant flowers, others spawn like fish, or carry the child like a human or elf would.

Green Fae

Fae have wings and are usually seen in some form of humanoid shape. They take special pride in dressing, preferring to decorate themselves with bright colors or woodsy materials. Most fae are very curious, mischievous, individualistic, and love to play. They are easily distracted. They are quick to laugh, happy to dance, and most of them are distracted by shiny objects. (They love to tease and play harmless tricks, and will take any opportunity to playfully taunt a newcomer or a stranger, or even dear friends and their own kin.) Often they are frivolous, sometimes shallow, and occasionally somewhat vain, but always they breathe life and color into the world and have a great time doing it.

Fae should not be confused with Pixies, but are fundamentally of the same species. Both Fae and Pixies live in Avilion


Fae in meadow

Pixies are not just little Fae, they are different beings. They have antennae, pointed ears and wings larger than their body. They are born in flowers and most Pixies are able to make flowers grow by singing. Fae can make themselves smaller, but Pixies are naturally tiny. They absorb magical energy from the air and excess magic goes out through their wings as Pixie dust. Pixie dust has healing properties but pixies love to blow it at others just to make the sneeze. Beware of falling asleep near a pixie, as you may wake up having been 'decorated' with hats and masks. Pixies are childish, cute, fun-loving, mischievous and adventurous.



Merrow (from Gaelic murúch) or Murrough is the Scottish and Irish Gaelic equivalent of the mermaid and mermen of other cultures. These beings are said to appear as human from the waist up but have the body of a fish from the waist down. They have a gentle, modest, affectionate and benevolent disposition.

Merrow Dancing

The merrow swim in the depths of the waters of Avilion and rest in their home in the Mercove. Cousins to the fae, they are beautiful, haunting and magical, living harmoniously with all creatures of Avilion. As Knights, Rangers, Mage and Druids, they are forever guardians of the waters of the Heart, loyal to Avilion.

Although they spend most of their time as merrow, they may assume fully human shape at will.


Adult Dragon

Dragons came to Avilion to seek refuge from the torments and chaos of Humans and their never ending wars. In Avilion, Dragons now live in peace and harmony with all creatures, big and small. Dragons do not hunt the other residents of Avilion.

Still it is best not to meddle in the affairs of Dragons. They might find you crunchy and remember that you taste good with ketchup!

All Dragons are welcome in Avilion, of all shapes and sizes. We have little hierarchy and embrace all Dragons who seek the harmony of Avilion. Dragons can be unique and quite magical.

There is an old saying "Always be who you are...unless you can be a Dragon, then always be a Dragon!"

A Dragon grows slowly, but grows through-out their life. An Ancient Dragon can be huge. And some Dragons can be quite small...



Avilion is home to one of the happiest family of Hatchies in all the realms. There are few places as welcoming to Hatchies anywhere.

Hatchies are Dragon children, though they may be hundreds of years old. Some are perhaps thousands of years old, choosing to remain small.

Through their plotting and planning and powers of cuteness, Hatchies think they have the run of Avilion, and they may not be altogether wrong. They like mischief and mayhem. If there are two or more together, keep an eye on them and be ready for the chaos!

But Hatchies mean to harm to anyone or anything. Sensitive little things, Hatchies will always help the injured or those that have a sad. They can be a little demanding, especially if you have cookies or give good hugs. They might have a slight sense of entitlement.

Humanoid Dragon

Remember, Hatchies are ALWAYS up to something, and that "something" usually involves food. Or maybe puppet shows.


Dragons may also appear similar to humans. If a dragon in humanoid form picks up a weapon, beware. Some of the bravest and strongest Knights, Mages, Rangers, Druids and Rogues are Dragons.


It is recognized that some roleplayers may be interested in playing creatures other than the six main archetypes within Avilion (Dragons, Drow, Elves, Fae, Merrow and Humans). The Avilion community is flexible with respect to such “alternative” races, and in some cases (notably the merrow) alternative races have achieved numbers sufficient to justify the formation of their own group. Alternative races in Avilion have included centaurs, satyrs, fauns, pegasi, unicorns, winged people, dryads, ents, wolves, birds, cats and several other creatures. Alternative avatars have a place within the Avilion Order in the “Creatures of Avilion” group.

When you have chosen a creature you must stay in that character when you are in Avilion. Shape and race shifting are not allowed unless it's part of a roleplay - for example a druid may change from human form to their spirit animal. There are a few banned races (details can be found in-world) but otherwise any creature that fits into the spirit of Avilion can apply. If you are unsure, contact an admin for advice.

Noki the Cat
Wolf and Sheep
Winged dog
White Wolf