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A Medieval Roleplay Community in the Second Life® Virtual World.

Theater in Avilion

Avilion Cameo Theater

The main aim of ACT is to prepare and present short performances on a regular basis within Avilion. ACT conducts its work under the auspices of the Bards of Avilion . Pictures of the performances are on flickr. Contact Bajoy in-world for more information.


Faces of Love

Faces of Love Poster Faces of Love Program

Hundreds of Hatchies!

Hundreds of Hatchies: poster Hundreds of Hatchies: program

Take Note

Take Note Coming soon...

Treasure Beyond Measure

Treasure Beyond Measure Poster Treasure Beyond Measure Program

Dance a Long

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Iddy's Big Adventure

Iddy's Big Adventure Poster

Clockwork Capers

Clockwork Capers Poster

Avilion Entertainers

This group puts on the major shows in Avilion. These are usually around December or January and involve people with many talents. Whether you are passionate about animating, set building, sound management, costume design or performing, this is the group for you. 2014/15's show 'Showtime' was comprised of favorite scenes from many musicals. There have also been productions of 'A Christmas Carol' and Gilbert and Sullivan's 'Pirates of Penzance'.

Scenes From Avilion Showtime

This was an exciting show for all involved, as each scene was rehearsed in secret. When the show came together for the first time, it was as new to members of the cast as to the audience.

Scenes From A Christmas Carol

Pirates of Penzance